Kindred Spirits

LogoThis website serves as a public face and shared blog for the players and their characters within the kinship, Kindred Spirits.  It is a place we can collect our character stories and news and make friends within the LOTRO and Middle Earth fan community.

We are not a traditional guild website.  Instead, this website serves as a kinship-wide stand in for our old my.lotro blogs Turbine discontinued.  We hope you enjoy visiting us!

Kindred Spirits as a kinship exists on the Landroval server in LOTRO.  We are a very small family kinship at rank 10.  Our members consist of real life family so far (we don’t actively recruit), but new and old friends are also welcome.  Our members are primarily casual with interests in questing, exploration, music, housing, and roleplaying.

We are open to considering applicants, but doubtful many would be happy with us.  We’re not busy, and with only four of us, there are several hours a day when no one is online.  However, we welcome friends and connections on these blogs and in-game.

The kinship is primarily an out of character organization at the moment.  The role-play aspects of it are a loose collection of like-minded (for the most part) people who are a collection of friends, colleagues, and fellowships who occasionally get together at the largest place (our kinship home, belonging to Elaureth and Valhallus for in character purposes) for social gatherings.

Want to try LOTRO?  The game is free to play with some restrictions, indefinitely.  Premium status (you’ve spent some money on the game at any point but no current subscription) nets more considerations (tip:  If you play VIP, subscribe that is, and revert back to premium, make sure you log in every character before you unsubscribe or they’ll miss the VIP to premium perks such as 2 extra bags, currency cap lifted, etc.), and VIP is the subscription that nets you all freedoms (must still purchase expansions and any desired extras with Turbine points–you can earn a lot in-game and VIPs get 500 a month).


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