GidaCharacter Name:  Alasgida (currently, Gitana; saving for name change)

Class:  Burglar

Level Range:  30’s

Age:  32

Appearance: Her hair is usually swept back into a thick braid that stretches just past her hips (despite what the graphics say). A scar marks her left cheek (as it appears in graphics). Her expression is typically indifferent. If she smiles, it likely looks more like a smirk than anything.

Personality:  Quiet, introverted, independent, private, untrusting, and indifferent.

BIO: Not much is known about her. She speaks without discernible accent. She enjoys a good drink, but usually keeps to herself. Anything else may be found during roleplay.

Screenshot Info and Cosmetics:
Head:  Traveler’s Hood (black)
Shoulders:  Ceremonial battered Dunlending spaulders (black)
Back:  Plain cloak (black)
Chest:  Ceremonial secret of the West breastplate (black)
Hands:  Gloves of Helmingas (cannot be dyed)
Legs:  Ceremonial Woodsman’s Supple Leggings (black)
Feet:  Boots of Eorlingas (cannot be dyed)
Front Pose From:  /dance_elf2
Back Pose From:  Mounted on her Bay, Merlot and riding backwards
Mood:  Solemn

Looking Back


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