Night Fight CutCharacter Name:  Celesse Sherano

Class:  Captain

Level Range:  20′s

Age:  In her 33rd year

Appearance: Pretty much as is.

BIO: From a military family of weaponsmiths, Celesse received training in both from a very young age.

In her late twenties this (and her loyal and capable service) earned her rank as a general in a small (home village), free military.  Her uncle, Sid, served as head weaponsmith.

After defending innocent villagers from Fekka (the military leader and governor), Fekka’s right-hand grabbed the nearest villager as a shield from Celesse’s sword, then held his own blade at the boy’s neck.  Celesse surrendered her sword and Fekka ordered her placed in irons. One of the soldiers she tossed in the earlier scuffle slammed the flat of his sword against her head as others arrived, rendering her unconscious.

Rebel forces later rescued her in secret before Fekka executed her.   A loyal soldier named Bicks, and the family she protected were instrumental in helping the rebels free her.  These events convinced her of Fekka’s corruption and she began working for the rebels against him.

Her uncle eventually joined with her and the other rebels, giving key intel on current movements.  Sadly, he died soon after from a fever he caught slogging through wetlands during a rainy season (her last remaining relative).

With this intel, Celesse and the rebel force engaged Fekka, winning a minor skirmish.  The skirmishes continued, each one more costly.  Fekka proved his own undoing, however, when he ordered the local river poisoned.  Several soldiers and a few superior officers joined Celesse and the rebels during the very next skirmish (a surprise tactic that crushed the remaining Fekka loyalists).

They executed Fekka and his right hand, and arrested the remaining loyalists).  Fortunately, those in charge of delivering the poison never intended a follow-through on those orders.

With her home village liberated, Celesse worked with the people and remaining military, rebuilding and reinforcing defenses.  One of the rebel leaders, Edrick, became the new military leader.

Normal life returned, but complications found Celesse unhappy.  Once she knew the village was safe and rightly defended, she left her family home in the care of another rebel leader, Luke (whom she befriended); a parting gift after he married his sweetheart, Rachelle.

She saddled her horse, Figaro, and rode off before dawn, but not without company.  Bicks knew she might be leaving and was waiting at the stables.

She travels now, defending middle earth’s free people from any threats encountered.

Note:  If this story sounds familiar, it is because Celesse Sherano (primarily her history) is a tribute to Celes Chere, my favourite character from Final Fantasy VI (and I had fun riddling her life and history with FFVI easter eggs).

None living.
Loyal herald:  
Bicks Wedgins

Screenshot Info and Cosmetics:
Head:  Traveller’s Hood (navy)
  Ceremonial Doom-Hunter’s Shoulders (navy)
Back:  Ceremonial Wig-feld (navy)
Chest:  Ceremonial Breastplate of the Whirlwind (navy)
Hands:  Ceremonial Spear-Shaker’s Gauntlets (navy)
Legs:  Ceremonial Woodsman’s Supple Leggings (navy)
Feet:  Ceremonial Spear-Shaker’s Boots (navy)
Front Pose From:  Animation for “Make Haste” with rising horn photo-shopped out (and bright lights near her feet too)
Back Pose From:  Riding her Bay, Figaro, at highest speed
Mood:  Default
Location:  South Bree
Editing:  Added hair; other, more minor edits

Riding Away


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