Hello ElaurethCharacter Name:  Elaureth Kentarion

Class:  Rune Keeper

Level Range:  60′s

Age:  In her 156th begetting year.

Appearance: Pretty much as is thanks to photo-shopped hair.  It stretches to her hips in the back.

BIO: Fading histories fascinate her.  She spends much of her time studying old tomes, runes, and artifacts.  She loves discovering more with frequent field work while helping those she encounters on her journeys.

She married later than normal, after her 124th begetting day (conception day) with family blessings, to an elven male in his 140th year.  Up until that point she spent much of her life more interested in travels, history, and studies.  They begat their first and only son a year after their union.  That son will be celebrating his 52nd begetting day in a few months.

Elaureth continues her studies and travels, sometimes solo, sometimes with new friends and/or her family.  She and her husband maintain a house together at Falathlorn homesteads, holding their home open to friends and family in need or simply for visiting and gathering in friendship.

Husband:  Valhallus
Son:  Micharon
Sister:  Vivianel
Sister-in-law:  Alloranna

Screenshot Info and Cosmetics:
Head:  Circle of Adamant (dark green)
  Shoulders of the Eorlingas (cannot be dyed)
Back:  Elegant Backpack (Umber)
Chest:  Hauberk of the Eorlingas (cannot be dyed)
Hands:  Gloves of Eorlingas (cannot be dyed)
Legs:  N/A
Feet:  Boots of Eorlingas (cannot be dyed)
Satchel:  Grand Satchel (cannot be dyed)
Front and back Pose From:  /dance_elf2
Mood:  Happy
Location:  Falathlorn; just outside Duillond
Editing:  Made the hair longer and fuller

Looking Out


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